Community Meeting Room in Solon, IOWA


Applications may be submitted for meeting room use through August 31, 2024.

This is an application process, staff will contact you to confirm meeting room availability.


There are two ways to complete an application:

-Click here to view availability and complete online form. (Best accessed on a computer)

-Download the application and return the form in-person. 


No phone applications will be accepted. Please remember this is an application only, staff will contact you to confirm meeting room availability. 


Photo of the community meeting room, standard layout with tables and chairs in a square.
Photo of the community meeting room's projector screen, available upon request.

SPL Community Meeting Room Policy

About the Meeting Room
The Library has a large community room available for public use. This room has a capacity for 50 people with 50 chairs and 20 tables provided. (Tables are approximately 18 x 72 inches) The kitchen has a refrigerator, microwave and sink plus a 30-cup coffee pot, punch bowls, and some dishes and silverware which can be used. Public Wi-Fi is available for all groups and patrons. A media cart with a laptop and projector are available, when requested at time of application. This room is approximately 750 square feet in size.

Reservation Process
Interested individuals or groups can complete an application for the meeting room online or in-person.  Visit our website to download the application form, fill it out, and bring it in to the Library during regular hours. Or complete the online form

·         This is an application only, Library staff will contact you to confirm your reservation within seven (7) business days.

·         Library programs receive first consideration in scheduling. 

·         Reservations are made on a first come, first served basis.

·         Reservations may be made up to three months in advance and there may be up to three reservations scheduled for a group at a time.

·         If a reservation needs to be rescheduled by a group, the new date must be within three months of the original date.

$25 deposit is required for each application form, except for library or government functions. 
$20, additional fee For-profit groups/meetings are required to pay for each event. 

·         Deposits and fees must be received at the time of scheduling. 

·         Donations are processed upon receipt.

·         Deposit will not be returned until Staff have verified the applicant has met all responsibilities as listed below.

·         Deposit checks not picked up within 1 month of meeting will be shredded. Cash will be donated to the library.

·         Payment methods: cash or check

User Responsibility

·         No smoking, no open flames on candles or other decorative pieces. 

·         No alcoholic beverages and no controlled substances.

·         All garbage must be taken with you. Garbage bags are provided.

·         The kitchen and meeting room are to be left clean. Cleaning materials are available under the kitchen sink and in the janitor’s closet.

o   Wipe tables and kitchen counters clean.

o   Wash, dry, and put away any dishes.

o   Vacuum floors, a vacuum is located in the hallway.

·         Decorations may be hung using the hooks on the picture rail around the room and eye hooks.

o   No items may be taped, glued, stapled, or pinned to the meeting room walls.

o   No use of adhesive (3M) Command strips permitted.

·         After a meeting, the user should leave the meeting room in its standard arrangement (see posted layout).

·         If the media cart is needed for a meeting, applicant must request at time of application.

·         Library property stored in the meeting room, including chairs, shall not be removed or transferred to other areas without prior approval from staff.

·         Children’s groups must have at least one adult supervisor. 

·         Children may not be left unattended in the library during meetings. Children under age 10 must be accompanied by a designated caregiver at least 11 years old. Refer to our Conduct Policy for full details.

·         Applicant placing the reservation request is responsible for all reasonable repair or replacement costs for damage to the facility space, fixtures, or equipment utilized during the reservation.

·         If a meeting is scheduled when the main library is closed, applicant is responsible for picking up keys during regular library hours.  Please turn off lights, secure the building when you leave, and drop the keys in the book drop to the left of the main entrance.

·         The library takes no responsibility for any items left in the meeting room.  Items found by staff are generally placed in the Lost & Found Box in the hall.

In Case of Emergency

·         In case of a building maintenance issue, for example: heating/cooling/electricity/plumbing, please contact City Public Works Staff: 319-631-5071 or Library Staff: 309-368-4739

·         For medical or fire emergencies please call 911

·         Johnson County Sheriff’s Department (non-emergency) 319-356-6800