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Libraries aren't just books, spaces, or materials, they're also people! 

Meet the people who are a part of our library.



Liz King

Liz King, Library Director

Ph: 319-624-2678


We’re pleased to finish up our Staff Spotlight series by introducing the newest member of our team, Library Director Liz King! Liz stepped into her role as Director last month, joining our team by way of Kansas City. With a master’s degree in Library Science and experience in a variety of library and professional settings, Liz’s prioritization of staff safety and wellbeing is always at the forefront. Her fresh eyes, positive energy, and sense of adventure in our team meetings have already led to some new, fun community programs! Help welcome Liz to our community: book a Library Visit to say hello! (February 2021)


Alexis, Adult Services Librarian

Adult Services Librarian Alexis’s enthusiasm for planning fun events, love of baking, and special attention to detail in the displays she designs are just part of what makes her a valued member of our library team. With a background in education and a creative approach to adult services, she is able to help patrons navigate their devices and bring fresh and fun experiences to our community. Her ability to meet the specific needs of our patrons and pivot in response to new opportunities is a true asset to our library community.

To learn more about Adult Services and the programs offered, visit our "For Adults" page or speak with Alexis during your next visit.

Erika, Library Clerk

We're so excited to introduce Erika! A local community member and incredible new member of our Library team. Erika's appreciation for a great book, and love of reading is sure to be a great asset to our patrons too! (November 2023)

Lily, Youth Services Librarian

We’re delighted to introduce our community to Lily, our new Youth Services Librarian. Lily is joining our team this month and brings a wealth of knowledge from their experiences at other local libraries. Lily’s excitement for Storytime, youth programs, and (of course) books, will be a wonderful addition to our community. Stop in soon to say hello and help us welcome Lily. (December 2022)


To learn more about youth services and programs offered, visit our For Children page or For Teens page or speak with a staff member during your next visit.



Madison, Teen Services Librarian

Madison, a graduate student in the School of Library and Information Sciences at the University of Iowa, is a great addition to our team. Madison brings great ideas and works collaboratively with our Teen Advisory Board to create fun and engaging programs for our 6th-12th graders.


Megan, Communications Specialist

As our webmaster and resident technical expert, Megan has transformed our website into a vibrant source of information, always working to make things better. She shows initiative on exploring new ways to connect with our community and is an organized problem-solver who never gives up in the face of a challenge. Having served for a time on the Library Board, she has a unique perspective of the many facets of library work. Megan builds relationships with those around her and brings a sense of fun to the library and is an important part of our library team.

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Sherri, Cataloging Librarian

As our library cataloguer, Sherri is incredibly knowledgeable in the details of our library. Starting first as a volunteer, she is now the longest-employed member on staff. She is incredibly compassionate, ensuring our patrons feel welcome and staff are supported. While she may think of herself as a thorn in the side of tech support, we see her as a dedicated problem-solver who isn’t afraid to ask questions! Sherri is a whirlwind of energy, whether she’s getting new books catalogued or helping patrons, her eye for detail and positive energy brings so much joy to our library community!

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