Library Staff


Libraries aren't just books, spaces, or materials, they're also people! 

Meet the people who are a part of our library.


Alexis, Adult Services Librarian

Adult Services Librarian Alexis’s enthusiasm for planning fun events, love of baking, and special attention to detail in the displays she designs are just part of what makes her a valued member of our library team. With a background in education and a creative approach to adult services, she is able to help patrons navigate their devices and bring fresh and fun experiences to our community. Her ability to meet the specific needs of our patrons and pivot in response to new opportunities is a true asset to our library community.

To learn more about Adult Services and the programs offered, visit our "For Adults" page or speak with Alexis during your next visit.




Cassi, Youth Services Librarian


Youth Services Librarian Cassi’s passion for a great book, working with the youth, and creating a safe space for all, really shines through each day. Cassi's joy and passion for learning can be seen in all the programs she shares with the community. Her weekly story times and Grab & Go activities are filled with love for the communities she serves.Cassi’s ability to engage children from birth through teens is showcased in unique programs that create lifelong library users. Her leadership abilities and passion for her projects make her an excellent member of our library team. 


To learn more about youth services and programs offered, visit our For Children page or For Teens page or speak with Cassi during your next visit.