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"Make your representatives aware of your concerns about proposed legislation to:
● require students to obtain written parental consent to check out a book that has been removed from
any school district in Iowa.
● allow school districts to place anyone who has served as a public librarian into the role of teacher
librarian with no additional training.
● eliminate the local library property tax levy of 6-3/4 to 27 cents in favor of consolidating all city and
county property tax levies.
● eliminate the Master's degree requirement for K-12 Teacher Librarians.
● restrict city and county property tax revenues in a way that could cause cuts in service for Iowa's
● eliminate the Commission on Libraries' ability to appoint a State Librarian and instead have the
position appointed by the Governor, making the partisan organization political in nature.
The 90th Legislative Session has produced an unprecedented number of files and bills which harmfully
impact the vital work of librarians and educators, as well as the pursuits of every student, library patron, and
life-long learner in our state. Proposed legislation moves to pull longstanding trust in local control of library
services into a consolidated framework no longer reflecting the unique needs and wants of individual Iowa
communities." -Full Statement is available below (PDF)