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Study Rooms

Study Room Policies

The two Study Rooms are used for small group study discussion. Individuals are welcome to use the Study Rooms when they are not reserved for local student or group use. The following policies apply for use of the Study Room(s):

  1. A library card number or contact information is needed to reserve a Study Room. The room may be reserved one week in advance by calling or by signing up at the library.
  2. Prime consideration is given for library use and local (52333) student and group study and/or discussion.
  3. From 3:30 p.m. until 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday (5 p.m. on Friday) during the school year, the large Study Room (west side) is reserved for after-school student group study in a no fee, non-profit tutoring situation.
  4. For a $5.00 per hour charge, the small Study Room (east side) may be reserved for private, fee based tutoring only.
  5. The Study Room(s) shall not be used by groups or individuals as an office or to conduct business.
  6. A maximum of eight people can use the room at one time.
  7. Appropriate use of furniture and equipment is required. A portable whiteboard is available upon request. The person who reserves the room is responsible for keeping the room clean (including picking up excess paper and erasing the whiteboard).
  8. People using the Study Rooms need to be quiet and considerate of other library patrons as the rooms are not sound proof. One warning will issued. A second warning will result in immediate loss of privilege to use the room.
  9. All requests are subject to the approval of the Library Director.
  10. Violation of Study Room policies may prevent individuals, students, and/or groups from being able to reserve or use the room again.

Adopted 6/18/07

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