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Explore Science Online

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This online resource is devoted to North American insects, spiders, and their kin; and offers identification, images, and information.
Entomology for Kids and Teachers
This is the main page from University of Kentucky Department of Entomology for kids and teachers. This website contains information and activities for preschool through high school students.
Fish ID
The Kid Zone - The Water Cycle
Monarch Watch
Educational outreach program from the Kansas Biological Survey at the University of Kansas. Learn about the monarch butterfly life cycle, migration and tagging, and how to raise monarchs, among other things. Also has a multimedia gallery.
Monterey Bay Aquarium Web Cams
NASA Kids' Club
Online puzzles and games from NASA for kids.
National Geographic Kids - What in the World?
Mystery photo games and puzzles from National Geographic Kids.
New England Aquarium - Live Blue Initiative
Science Buddies
The Science Dictionary
Science Kids
Fun science and technology for kids
Sid The Science Kid
Tales from the Hive
Companion site to NOVA's program of the same name. This program was filmed inside a hive and followed bees in flight to capture close-ups of honeybee behavior.
Weather Wiz Kids
Whale Net
Winter's Tail