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Solon Public Library
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August 26, 2013

Solon Public Library
Regular Library Board Meeting
August 26, 2013    7 p.m.
Solon Public Library Meeting Room

Tentative Agenda


Call to order

Approval of Agenda

Approval of Minutes

Citizens’ Speak

Old Business

Discussion and possible action  as we meet with Becky Heil and begin our "planning with results" project.
Meeting Objectives

Board members will understand the Strategic Planning for Results process

Board members will answer the question-Why Plan?

Library Director will have a list of community members based on board recommendations to invite to future planning meetings.

Library board will decide on the number of service responses to focus on and who will write objectives.

Library will have a set of meeting dates for the entire process.


7:00 Introductions

7:10 Overview of Strategic Planning for Results process

7:20 Why Plan exercise

7:30 Choose community stakeholders

7:45 Choose dates for future meetings

8:00 Wrap-up-what’s next?


Committee Reports

Librarian’s Report - Approval of Bills

If time allows...

New Business

Discussion and possible action regarding solar power possibilities.
Discussion and possible action regarding policy on petitions in the library.