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Let's Do the Whole30 Together!

From our Director, Kris Brown:

Have you heard of the Whole30? It’s a dietary challenge to abstain from gluten, dairy, sugar and alcohol for thirty days.  Co-founder of the challenge, Melissa Hartwig, says that “the program improves energy, sleep, digestive issues, skin, joint pain/swelling, asthma, migraines, and biomarkers like blood pressure, cholesterol, and fasting blood sugar.”  Who doesn’t want that?  It’s a challenge that I’ve personally tried twice, but still have yet to complete, so I’m calling on you to join me in taking the Whole30 challenge – let’s start 2018 off right!

We’ll meet for the first time together on Saturday morning, January 6th @ 9 AM to discuss how the Whole30 works and set up a schedule for the rest of the month.  Future meetings will include sharing recipes and encouragement to work towards the full thirty days together.

If you think you might be interested in participating but you’re not familiar with the challenge, stop by the library to check out our recipe books.  If you’ve got a book in mind that we don’t have, you can recommend it for purchase or we can make a request to borrow it through interlibrary loan for you so you’re prepared for January 6th.  Knowledge is power, so the more you know before you start the better!